Ericsson selects Lewisville's first 5G smart factory in the United States, Texas

Ericsson selects Lewisville's first 5G smart factory in the United States, Texas

The Texas-based facility will become a fully automated and connected smart factory when it opens in early 2020, producing a more advanced antenna system for radios that allow fast 5G deployments.

Ericsson & nbsp; announced that & nbsp; Lewisville, Texas will be the location of a fully automated smart plant in the United States. The 300,000-square-foot state-of-the-art plant, announced in June, will produce 5G and more advanced antenna system * radios to increase network throughput and coverage to meet fast 5G deployments in North America.

The smart factory will start business in early 2020 and will be powered by Ericsson 5G solutions tailored to the industrial environment. Fast and secure 5G connectivity for flexible operation and flexible production. Ericsson's 5G industrial solutions include automated warehouses, integrated logistics, automated assembly, packaging and product handling, and the use of autonomous carts.

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas says: “From manufacturing to technology, the Texas economy is flooded with all cylinders thanks to investments from world-class companies like Ericsson. I am proud that Ericsson has decided to expand its operations in Texas, and I can assure them that, as governor, I will continue to promote growth-enhancing policies that will reduce the heavy hand of government regulation and encourage private sector expansion. "

Lewisville Mayor Rudy Durham said Lewisville will be honored to be home to Ericsson's 5G radio show "Future Factory". & Nbsp; As one of the largest ICT providers in the world, Ericsson has consistently delivered innovative and sustainable products and services. Innovation and sustainability are also top priorities for the Lewisville community and our vision for the future. We look forward to your partnership. & Nbsp; We welcome and congratulate the Ericsson family for & nbsp; Lewisville & nbsp; would be the home of your most modern factory. "

Ericsson is leading the way in supporting its customers with the launch of 5G in the US. This plant, along with several strategic investments in North America, will accelerate 5G innovation and develop the surrounding ecosystem in Industry 4.0. The combination of 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning creates an ecosystem for innovation and technology leadership that drives the rapid deployment and deployment of 5G in the US.

The factory is an example of Ericsson's commitment to supporting rapidly growing demand for 5G in North America. Over the past two years, Ericsson has made significant investments in the region, including:

Niklas Heuveldop, & nbsp; Ericsson's North American CEO and CEO, says: “With the acceleration of commercial 5G network deployment across North America, Ericsson is excited to be able to explicitly drive global technology development in close collaboration with our North American customers. focus on creating values ​​for consumers, businesses and society as a whole. We are continuing to increase our investments in the US so that we can respond more quickly to customer demand, accelerating the pace of innovation and time to bring critical new products to the market. & Nbsp; Lewisville is an ideal location for a future factory, demonstrating how 5G, IoT and AI are transforming industries, paving the way for larger investments in smaller off-shore production sites with unique mass customization capabilities and significant positive impact on sustainability and customer experience. "

Ericsson's commitment to creating the positive effects of sustainability is reflected in the smart factory, which is designed to be up to 28 percent more energy efficient than comparable buildings. Ericsson is investing in innovative technologies to reduce energy costs and consumption, such as frictionless magnetic levitation chillers and heat storage banks that hold night-time ice that is thawed during the day for cooling. & Nbsp; Ericsson also plans to install solar panels to generate on-site renewable energy and install 26,000-gallon tanks to collect and recover rainwater. & nbsp; Ericsson is applying for LEED Gold and LEED Zero Carbon certification, making it the first Ericsson factory in the world to achieve this distinction.

Initially, Ericsson will employ approximately 100 people at Ericsson, with highly automated operations and a modular and flexible production setup that enables rapid deployment and deployment of 5G devices. The company's direct investment in the factory is about & nbsp; $ 100 million.

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